Why would you need to replace your siding? There are three big reasons why you would need to consider new siding on your home and how it would benefit you. We will give you all the information you need when it comes to the facts of what new siding will do for you and your home.

Added Value

New siding on a home will add value to your home for a few different reasons. The main reason is obvious, the look. New siding on a home will make even the oldest of homes look completely different by giving it a new and refreshing look. This will give your home a better curb appeal and that will automatically raise the value of your home as this is the first thing people will notice about your home.


The next way siding will add value into your home goes along with the added insulation it will provide. Many modern siding has insulation built into their design which will decrease the amount you have to turn on the heat in the winter or turn on the A/C in the summer. Many older homes will benefit from this upgrade more than newer homes, but a safe number to consider replacing your siding is 10 years. The value to look at when choosing what siding to put on your home when it comes to insulation is called the R-value. The higher the R-value the more insulation it provided to block heat or cold air from transferring in and out of your home.

Protection and Maintenance

Besides your roof, siding is the main object protecting your home from the elements. If your siding is damaged, poor quality, or isn’t securely attached the structure of your home may be at risk. The main objective of siding is to protect your home from water, as water can cause all sorts of problems for a home. If water gets underneath the siding it can cause water damages to timber, plasterboard, and wiring, all of which will have a bigger repair bill than the preventative maintenance of your siding. Even small damages in the siding will most likely get worse with a moderate to bad storm. If water doesn’t get under the siding before the storm, winds will most likely open the damage even further, definitely allowing water to invade the home after.

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