As part of our blog series, we wanted to introduce you to the JKS team – this week we are starting with Frank Ferraro, a senior salesman at JKS Home Improvement who joined the company at the end of April last year.  Even with Frank’s prior work experience, he has always been part of a sales team. He knows the roofing industry very well and was a part of Pictometry International which is an aerial measurement company based in Henrietta, New York that develops software that uses three-dimensional aerial photographs to view high-resolution images of buildings in their entirety for 5 years. As for Frank joining JKS he describes it as follows, “It was just a perfect fit.”


A typical morning for Frank starts off with him coming into the office and getting his appointments for the day. His specialties are roofing, siding, gutters, and decks. Then, heads to his scheduled appointments with potential customers to do short, but informational presentations and estimations for any home improvement needs. When I asked Frank what part of his job brings him the most satisfaction? He answered with, “I feel the most successful at my job after I give a presentation to a potential client and sell them exactly what they need.”


Meeting and achieving goals as well as going above and beyond in his work is something Frank has taken pride in as some of his greatest accomplishments with all of his sales jobs, current and past.  His key tip to succeed is to truly listen to the needs of the customer and deliver them the best product for their situation. Alternatively, the most challenging part of the job for Frank is trying to fit all of the work available for JKS into his busy schedule if he loses a day or two in a week due to weather.


Frank is motivated everyday by his work as he focuses on closing sales and giving individuals what they need, nothing more and nothing less. If you want to learn more about Frank and what he does or if you want to set up a presentation with him, give him a call at (607) 201-4157.



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